New Image Lawn and Scapes

Keep your Employees and Patrons Safe! Move that Snow

New Image Lawn & Scapes is equipped and trained to provide the highest quality grounds management in Hampton Roads. Among the many services provided during winter weather months, we also specialize in commercial snow removal. Your patrons and employees expect your business to provide safe accessible parking, walking, and entryway areas; especially when it snows and temperatures drop to freezing. We provide prompt, effective, professional snow removal solutions throughout the season to keep businesses running at full capacity. New Image Lawn & Scapes has the experience and equipment to get your job done. Our expertise, coupled with our superior grounds management services, secures your properties year round.

From roadways to entry ways, you can count on New Image Lawn & Scapes to ensure surfaces are safe and will help keep your business open. Our “maintenance after removal” guarantees our snow clients have peace of mind. Keep your patrons and employees safe while ensuring your business stays on track even when Ole Man Winter comes to call.

Contact us at New Image Lawn & Scapes to learn more about our snow and ice management services.

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