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Spring Mulching and Its Benefits

The Importance of Spring Mulching

Many may write off mulching as just a peripheral part of lawn and garden care, but laying down mulch every spring is one of the most important things that the discerning landscaper can do. Mulching yearly, and specifically in the spring is important for four reasons: conserving moisture, reducing weed growth, increasing soil fertility, and of course, beautifying your lawn or garden.

 All plants need water to survive, and mulching drastically increases the amount of water that your plants have access to. Without mulching, plants get their fill of water and then leave excess water to evaporate, completely wasting it. With a layer of mulch protecting the roots of your plants, water is trapped in and under the mulch to be used as the plant needs it, thus reducing your watering costs as well.

Though all plants need water, all plants also need sunlight, and mulching prevents weeds from getting any. Mulching significantly decreases unwanted plant growth even in areas especially prone to weeds, because even though the weeds may get water, they cannot get the required sunlight to grow.

Besides increasing water availability and preventing weeds, spring mulching also increases soil fertility. Heat from the Sun along with its harmful UV rays can cause soil to dry out and lose nutrients required for growth. Mulching ensures that moisture is shared between plants and soil as well as ensuring that nutrients remain trapped in the soil as erosion is minimized.

Beautification of one’s garden must also be considered. Our Landscaping Specialists will work with you to find a mulch that matches not only the needs of you and your garden, but also your aesthetic tastes.

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