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Saving Your Grass Plants

The grass plants in your lawn are living organisms that need to be properly cared for all year round. The harsh winter months are very destructive to the grass plant. Fall is when the grass plant begins to prepare itself for Winter, and the following Summer. Fall maintenance practices are important for building up the plant’s tolerance to damaging temperature fluctuations, and disease organisms.


Fall is the most crucial time to fertilize your lawn. It is during the cool days of Fall that the grass plant slows its top growth and begins storing nutrients and sugars for the harsh months ahead. The storing process continues while the plant is green. A Fall fertilization is critical; this is the time when the plant is building reserves to maintain its health and thus determines the quality of the following summer’s lawn. Nitrogen and Potassium are essential parts of this process. Once the summer’s rations are used up, the grass plant is ready for another feeding in the Fall to increase root growth and fill them with food. These nutrients are also extremely beneficial in increasing the plant’s resistance to damaging diseases, which will often attack when the plant is in a weakened state.

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